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16 Responses

  1. Jackson White says:

    Hey Dan, I am looking for someone “WHO WILL MAKE ME DO WHAT I DON’T WANT TO DO TO GET WHERE I WANT TO BE!” In essence I am looking for a mentor but I live in New Zealand and I have been looking for a while but the only people who could be hard enough on me are the ones who can’t be ‘fucked’! Any advice on how to find a mentor?

  2. russ trach says:

    Hello, where are the torrents to download that daniel talks about in is podcasts? thanks

  3. Jules says:

    Hi, What email address do I email Dan on to appear on his podcast and enter the seminar competition? Regards Jules

  4. Micaela Camacho says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for recommending “Release Your Brakes” book it is life changing!

    Thanks again!


  5. Andrea says:


    Dan has pointed in some of his interview that his power point teaching materials can be downloaded online. I was wondering where could I download the whole teaching archive. Thanks

  6. Mike says:

    This is the kind of shaking I need to get me motivated and move forward in life!! Love this Shit!!!

  7. Bret Moletta says:

    Hi Mr. Pena,

    I found you on Youtube on London Real a few weeks ago it made me take a serious look at myself and my business.


    Bret Moleta

  8. andrew tracey says:

    thanks for your latest reading from your book dan,its like breathing fresh air, compared to the other shit that is out there, must of what i learnt before sent me skint, there are no short cuts , comparing you material to other self claimed gurus is like putting a donkey next to a race horse, THANK YOU,
    have you been a freind of bill w

  9. Charles Steele says:


  10. Bobby says:

    Thanks for recommending Think and Grow Rich it has empowered me to take major risks and they are slowly paying off.

  11. Daniel Drozda says:

    I noticed a comment on JRE about Saudi Aramco’s IPO and the potential for them to be showing force in reserves. I am interested on know if this is legit claim or are the Saudis trying to cash in.

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