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  1. Fred says:

    My name is Fred and I am a teacher working in Harlem, NY (opportunity Charter School). Many of my students come from a world of dysfunctionality…more so than most. Someone with your credible reputation would do wonders for them. They way in which you are able to galvanize the many, students would surely wake up from their zombie state. Anyway, I know it’s along shot, but coming to my school to speak with the population here would really affect many individuals including myself. In fact, my real passion is health and wellness and I too need some help in how to break away from the system that has me locked in…I have a family that I need to support and everything else that goes along with such responsibilities… I am trying to figure out how to break into the field of health and wellness, which again is my real passion. Please help! Thanks, Fred

  2. Noname says:

    I came here following another site and attending a recent Big-shift conference for coaches. A leader and great coach and eader does not have to use foul language to get results.

    • admin says:

      Hello, we appreciate you sharing your opinion, but it can also be said that using foul language does not mean you cannot achieve great success. As Dan always say, there are 2 ends of the leadership continuum. He may be at the General Patton side of the continuum, and what you are describing may be at the other side of the continuum. Either way, you can achieve success, but that would still require great sacrifice, passion and focus.

      • Michael Cooney says:

        I don’t mind Mr Pena’s use of language. If someone can’t handle it this world world is going crush them anyways! I can’t get away with using that language with the people I lead or my clients, but it conveys absolute conviction, and demonstrates the bigger point that what someone else thinks about you is none of your business!

      • Bill says:

        Sometimes there are practical and legal constraints against “foul” language. As a former seasoned Navy sailor, I can curse in 4 languages, but I cannot use any of them in a public school classroom. I’d like to use some of these videos as motivational tools, but cannot without heavy editing.

  3. Wayne Seedhouse says:

    The best teachers are those who have been there and done it and have done it on a huge scale … that’s the guy I want teaching me and my kids I find Dan’s no bullshit approach refreshing in a world of political correctness . I also have great distrust of anyone who leaves a comment under “NO NAME ” if you have an opinion at least have the balls to put your name to it . PS Donald Trump for President

  4. I have always sought mentors in my life and the one thing I have found out is when the mentors say to do something regardless of what you think….you shut up and do it. What more proof do you need???

  5. So, I just ran across this gentleman, Mr. Pena, today on you tube. I admire his forthright conversation,
    and exhibition of strength. So, having not had the chance to view this entire site yet,
    has he a course, or series of lectures on the subject of success in business?
    I design and manufacture ~ the feedback from the public being they are “healing soaps”.
    My husband is a inventor, fabricator and designer – revolutionary frictionless, noiseless small pet wheel, among other things and has been on NBC News with his creation.
    I just want to know how to get the hell started, on the road to this imagined better financial status Mr. Pena speaks so passionately of. I should very much like to see My Husband’s inventions be a success, as well as my own, and be ABLE to leave a generous financial legacy for my children and grandchildren.
    That being said, where can I obtain “the Beef”, of Mr. Pena’s insights. You have my thanks in advance. And, if emulation is the highest form of praise, you have that too. ~Sharon

  6. I shall begin at the start of your site, in lieu of hearing from you.
    Again, my thanks in advance.

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