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The NEW QLA PRODUCT 2012 includes the most exclusive role playing sessions from Dan's past seminar. If you've never been to a QLA seminar, we devote a good portion of time to role playing between students.

Practice makes perfect, and if you are looking for cash to grow your business, or acquire a new one you are going need practice in speaking, knowing what to ask, what to say, and how to present yourself. You will hear good role plays and bad ones. You will hear me critique each student on what they said right, or what they said wrong. Since you can't take me along to meet your banker, the next best thing would be to listen to these valuable audios.

I love the new product... perfect homework for the Castle... really looking forward to it.
—Very best wishes, Riccardo

Once again thanks for putting together the new product I've gone through it all and got a lot of finer distinctions out of it.
—Thanks, Udesh

Okay, great! Watchin' and learnin' now!

I highly recommend this to anyone trying to grow a business!!!!!! 2 time and soon to be 3 time castle attendee!
—Doris (Castle Seminar Alumna)

I had the privilege of attending this Castle Seminar from which this material was captured. It is vintage "Dan" at his best. I highly recommend it for anyone ready to make a change or improve their business. You won't be disappointed!
—Bruce (Castle Seminar Alumnus)

NEW QLA 2012


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    It includes...
  • 8 LIVE Role Plays
  • How to Build Your Dream Team
  • Getting Money For Your Deal
  • How to Interview Financial Institutions
  • How to Finance Internal Growth
  • External Growth Through Acquisitions
Castle Seminar 2012
  • Fundamentals
  • QLA Methodology
  • 7 Steps to Super Success
  • Raising Capital
  • Deal Making & Acquisitions
  • Leadership & Selling Your Dream

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NEW QLA 2012 is produced with an interactive video presentation of slides. This is going to be your first time to see actual slides used in the past seminar!

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What They Say About Dan and His Castle Seminar

Klaus Kleinfeld

CEO, Alcoa Inc

I strongly recommend 'Your First Hundred Million' for those who have a dream, little or no capital, and desire a road map to build a significant net worth and achieve the life of a high performance person.

Stuart Goldsmith

Author & Motivational Speaker

Any contact with Dan's Wisdom will raise your ceiling by a factor of ten at least. Dan will try to raise it by a factor of one thousand, and if you have the guts, the passion and the sheer determination to follow this giant, you will make your first millions.

Des Vadgama

CEO, V Factor

I have been involved with wealth development seminars over the last 16 years with some of the top names in the industry - Anthony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, etc. I can confirm that the Dan Pena events have resulted in adding more financial value to delegates on a per-head basis, compared with any other seminar or speaker on the planet.