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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is very important both for the company and the users. We want to reassure that while you’re enjoying the internet’s gigantic selection of information, tools and opportunities; your internet experience is worthwhile, with complete assurance and confidence. The company created this policy to exhibit that we are real committed and dedicated for users’ privacy and security. This describes how the company gathers information from the users of our Internet services and personal information secured such as your credit card, address (Personal information), email address and billing information (credit card number). Customer’s trust and confidence is our main concern that’s why we make sure to secure and protect the privacy between the customers and the transactions on our site through service providers like ClickBank—this is a third party online retailer that specializes in digitally delivered products that receives all the online orders for DanPena.com; what we do in all the information we accumulate, the safeguard measures, or our other service provider has in place to carefully keep/protect it and to what extent you can control our use of such information. By using DanPena.com, the user agrees and without restriction or qualification to be bound by this Privacy Statement. We request to please read carefully this Privacy Policy.

Third Party Financial Institutions and Affiliates

You must submit payment information straight to ClickBank if you decide to get a product on DanPena.com. Credit or debit card and zip code are information need to be submitted to ClickBank. All of the information may be recorded by ClickBank to fulfill your orders. If ever you wished to request for a refund, they may ask you to give your name, address and other information that identify yourself. They are collecting this information to prevent any fraud and theft issues and protect the user. A record of that correspondence may be kept if a user contacts any affiliated person or employee. Inert Collection of Personal Information DanPena.com reserves the right to collect information in a passive way which is connected to the usage of the Web Site like areas visited, time spent on the site and other sites that is linked to and from the Web Site. The Web Site may gather additional information and members’ hard drives may be installed with cookies—this is used to permit us to improve our Web Site based on the preference of the users. This is a very common practice in the industry of online businesses today. These cookies are stored not on the Web Site but on the user’s computer. You may set your browser accordingly if it is permitted, if you do not like to receive cookies and would like to accept a notice when they are placed on the computer.

Personal Information Security

We make sure and maintain administrative, physical and technical safeguards in protection against use, unauthorized access, any modification and disclosure of any Personal information in our control and keeping. Commitment to getting reasonable technology to ensure security of our Web Site is our concern. But in spite of the best technology, still there is no website that is 100% secure. We will take reasonable actions which we believe that is suitable to protect the Personal information from misuse, modification, exploitation, destruction or loss of information the user. We can also ask the third party to take similar steps to protect the security of the Personal Information being transferred to them.

Use of Personal Information

The use of DanPena.com Web Site constitutes your taking of the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. In agreement with this Privacy Policy, the information you’ve provided may be used for record keeping, to modify/customize the site according to your preferences, site management and requested purchase orders fulfillments; for marketing and research purposes and for the continuous improvement of the Site. Disclosure of Personal Information (to Third Parties) DanPena.com will not disclose and reveal Personal Information gathered from the users of the Web Site to third parties. The company may hire third parties to check and review certain Personal Information to guide it on marketing and demographic related issues but this will only happen after the third parties have agreed to keep the security, confidentiality, integrity of any Personal Information contained in accordance with Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. If you complete an order for someone else or other person, you may be asked to provide the information about the recipient like recipient’s name, address and phone/email address. The company has no control over the use of the third party about the personal information you provide when you place an order. Please exercise caution and care when doing so.

Other Usages of Personal Information

For continuous improvement of the products and services of the site; DanPena.com also uses Personal Information as well as the information which are provided by the service providers. We may combine the information we get from the cross-reference with the partners in marketing and the Personal Information provided to give users better service. We’re going to use the information we’ve combined to improve and enhance our services; to communicate with users about the products, other promotions and events that users may be of interest of joining.

Promotional Information and marketing Materials

We in DanPena.com would like to inform you about different special offers and services you would be interested. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up in our mailing list to get these information. If you want to opt-out of receiving emails and other promotional information from DanPena.com, just send us an email at the Contact Us tab. Responses to Email Inquiries The return email address is used to answer the email inquiry we receive when members or visitors send us email inquiries in the Contact Us tab. DanPena.com does not share the return email address with other services or third party and does not use it for any other purposes.

Voluntary Customer Surveys

Occasionally, we may conduct customer surveys and encourage the users to participate so we can gather information that we can use for the improvement of the Web Site and enhance the services and the products that we offer. Any information and feedback you’ll provide will remain confidential and participation of the customer to answer the survey is voluntary.

Disclosures of Personal Information (in Legal Events)

If Law Enforcement officials or judicial authorities requested to provide the Personal Information on the individual users from DanPena.com, affiliates or service providers, DanPena.com or the applicable affiliate may, without your consent, provide the information. DanPena.com or the applicable affiliate may provide the user’s Personal Information to appropriate authorities without the consent of the user or court process if the situation is involving claims of personal or public safety. In reply to the search warrant, other order or legally valid inquiry, in lawsuit involving DanPena.com, or an investigation in a case of breach of contract or contravention of law, DanPena.com or its service provider/affiliate will provide your Personal Information. We may also disclose Personal Information if you owe a debt to us to support debt collection.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to amend, revise and modify this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service Agreement and other policies at any time and in any manner. You acknowledge and accept the changes once you use the Web site after such changes are implemented. Please read the Privacy policy statement prior to every use in case of any changes. Privacy Policy was updated June 29, 2015. Always check DanPena.com Web Site especially before you provide any Personal Information. If this Privacy policy is altered; within reasonable time, the revised Privacy Policy will be posted.

United States Law

DanPena.com is intended for users from the United Sates and those not ruled by privacy policies of other countries. European Union users are advised not to disclose any Personal Information to us. Any information sent to us will be stored on servers in the United States. Do not disclose or submit your Personal Information like your name, email address except you accord to the application of the U.S. Law, to the use and disclosure of your Personal Information consistent with this Privacy Policy. Companies on Behalf of DanPena.com Access to Personal Information These companies may share the Personal Information with other service providers or affiliates whom they involve in performing services that is connected with our site or the operation of our business. Services like fraud protection, credit risk production, payment processing and authorization, order fulfillment, shipping, customization of product, web site evaluation, data analysis, distribution of marketing and promotional materials and where applicable, data cleansing. They may have right to use/access your personal information with confidentiality to perform their respective functions. DanPena.com will authorize these providers to use your Personal Information at all cost other than to provide you with the specific services mentioned.


Should you wish not to receive any email updates, newsletter, marketing and informational materials, just send us an email via the Contact Us tab. Company Privacy Statement and Outside links This Privacy Policy applies only to DanPena.com. You can see in our Web Site some links of our advertisers, business partners and vendors. These sites are already beyond of our control. Please be informed that they may gather information about you and their Privacy Policy may differ with what we have in our own Privacy Policy Statement. Once you leave our site, please read carefully the other Web Site’s Privacy Policy for we no longer in control once you submit any information to them.

Public Forums

Any information you may disclose in the Member’s Area or any public area of the DanPena.com becomes public information. You should exercise caution and care before disclosing and writing personal information in our public areas.

In Contacting Us

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy of DanPena.com, you may contact us by submitting an inquiry on the Contact Us tab.

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