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Brian Rose
Brian Rose
London Real TV Host
London, UK
This weekend, I had dinner with my beloved mentor Dan Peña. Always a treat!

Despite all we’ve achieved in the last year, Dan spent the whole night berating me for not doing more! I felt defensive at first, but then I realized, he is right. You can always do more.

There are certain things you have to do if you want to keep evolving and growing.

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Brian Rose
Brian Rose
London Real TV Host
London, UK
Dan Pena’s method of coaching is pure shock and awe. People either love him or hate him, and that’s exactly the way Dan likes it. His mission is to rattle people out of their comfort zones, make them do what they need to do in order to become the best they can be. And you know what, as much as it pains me to admit it sometimes, the old man is always right. He likes to do things properly, and if you ever get the chance to visit Guthrie Castle you’ll see for yourself that he runs that place like clockwork. Every lawn is mown smooth, every sheet is crisp and spotless, every meal and every drink is served at the correct time.

It goes without saying that Dan changed my life.

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Colin Chapman
Colin Chapman
The Netherlands
Dan has been through more stuff in the past 10 years than most of us will in a lifetime. Dan is an aggressive but very effective (no-bullshit) communicator. He is able to see the deep down issues that are holding you back from greatness in a blink. Then he goes beyond self-improvement by creating a plan to solve your problems and suit your needs in the next blink or as he would say; “while taking a piss”. The thing that I found remarkable was the ability Dan has, to fix ANY business or personal situation. If you have never done deals before, he puts you on the right path. If you are doing your first deal, he can cut through the confusion. If you have done 50 deals and want to do more, he will break through the limitations. Even if you are doing multi-million dollar deals Dan will show you what works and what doesn’t. His ability to work with any business is really amazing. I personally have benefited in the areas of increasing my cash flow and raising capital. Making more money and having the skills to bring on more investors easily. Yep, I paid the full fee to attend the week seminar in ’99!! The result after my first castle seminar: Our first deal four months later and raising over 2 million Euros on my blue eyes alone in the year after from scratch-nada-nothing! Yep all of that for the whole fee and a week in a castle! The week after my second castle experience (5 years later) we renegotiated all the companies financing and negotiated new interest rates 1,3 % lower than the original loans. Let’s be perfectly honest here, business and investing can be very confusing, frustrating and often disappointing. Dan brings a lot of clarity to these situations. When it’s not all peaches and cream, you will need help! Dan is the very best when it comes to curing “sick” businesses.

Daniel S. Pena IS the Man!

Michael Pierce

“Since starting the QLA program and having Dan as my business mentor, I’ve been able to buy into several multi-million dollar businesses. QLA methodologies are a proven set of business precepts and principles applicable world wide that have enabled me, someone that had absolutely no money or business experience to start with, achieve business success! I’ve found following the QLA program to have endless benefits…including personal, professional and business growth far beyond my own expectations and more importantly, what other people’s expectations were for me! The QLA program is a step-by-step system and very practical way, yet non-conventional, to acquire and build businesses in the real world of business. The QLA program has allowed me to start building true wealth and net worth in my lifetime that normally would take someone several generations to build on a conventional basis! For anyone that is seeking true success in business and in life…and is willing to be committed and truthful with themselves, the QLA program represents a proven system of time-tested, legal, moral and ethical business precepts and principles that can turn one’s dreams into realities! And lastly, being that all people are different, with different aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, etc… and being that all businesses have inherent differences depending on the industry…Dan Pena, the founding father of the QLA program, is committed to mentoring those that are committed to adapting QLA to themselves and using QLA to build their businesses…for as long as it may take! I’m living proof that Dan never gives up on an individual that is committed to continually learning, internalizing, adapting and implementing QLA methodologies to build and consolidate businesses in their chosen industry…as it took me many years…during which time, Dan never gave up on me as he always knew success was just around the corner! He was absolutely right! Thank you Dan! You and the QLA program are with out a doubt…filling very real and true gap that exists between academics in the world today…even at the highest levels…and the real world of building successful businesses and wealth in all civilized business arenas that exist in the world today!”
Financial Times
Financial Times
“A prominent and much respected businessman and entrepreneur in many successful companies…won awards reflecting his business acumen.”

Constantine Gratsos, President
Onassis Shipping

“…one of the youngest and shrewdest to come along in a long time.”

Michael Roman-Pintille
London, England

“This is the one seminar to finish ALL SEMINARS! I had the same experience when I reached…my airplane in Bucharest Romania knowing that I will not come back and defect to the UK. I could not tell anyone how scary and how lively and how blessed I felt! To take off into your future and leave behind your past is what Dan can absolutely inspire you to do.”

John B. Connally
Former Governor of Texas/U.S.
Secretary of Treasury/U.S.
Presidential Candidate

“I am delighted to see what you are doing… I think it is… exciting….”

Jerry Ormand
Founder & Chairman, Ormand Industries
Los Angeles, CA

“He started with $800, a great deal of ambition, and built a $400,000,000 company. He is brilliant, creative, and tenacious. His seminar is of incalculable value.”
Los Angeles Times
Al Martinez
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA
“His energy is combustible, his manner kinetic… with the intensity of a matador entering a bullring…”
Bob McCafferty
Bob McCafferty
McCafferty and Co.
Fair Oaks, CA
“Bravo! Your ‘Quantum Leap’ takes the seminar industry of how to run a successful business to a new level. No one else I’ve ever heard of (and I follow this business for new ideas daily) has actually done what they’re coaching: creating and managing a multi-million dollar business… But none I know of have actually done it. Except you. You’re unique. And you add a bonus. While Tony Robbins gets most of the applause for passion (and I’ve seen him in action), your passion is unexcelled… I say this from my perspective as a professional communicator for 28 years, including several years as a television anchorman and reporter and service on Ronald Reagan’s communication staff.”

John Allen Chalk, P.C.
Gandy, Michener, Swindle, Whitaker, L.L.P.
Fort Worth, TX

“Your Quantum Leap Seminar… was a cobweb-destroying and eye-opening experience for me… You did for me exactly what I needed. I came away with re-definition, re-focus, and re-invigoration… Accept my profound grattitude .”
Financial Times
Financial Times
“…an entrepreneur of classic American design…”

Dale C. Bullough
Founder, Dale Bullough & Associates
Dallas, TX

“I had the opportunity to hear live an amazing individual named Daniel S. Peña, Sr. who built a company from scratch to $400,000,000…This is not theory. He did it. He will show you how to do it…His powerful one day…Quantum Leap seminar…reveals secrets he learned the hard way. Dan is really powerful…You have no risk! Satisfaction is guaranteed…I’m sure you will join me…in knowing ‘you got 20-times your money’s worth.’…I want you to share this tremendous learning experience.”
Hof's Hut
Craig Hofman
President, Hof’s Hut
Los Angeles, CA
“Since 1989, I have seen many of the top world business resources through my participation in the Young Presidents Organization. Your seminar had more ‘take home value’ than any YPO business presentation I have experienced.”

Tony Christodoulou

“Just a quick note to say thank you for a ‘Down to Earth’, No Bullshit – wake up call! You have added fuel to my fire – I’m now an inferno. I left London at 6:30 on Thursday and by 12:30 the same day I had made 10 changes to the business. The very next day I met up with my hardest prospect, sat down with them, took charge and closed a 200K deal. You have made me realise that I was becoming far too ‘touchy-feely’ and motivational, which has a place, but I needed to be conentrating on the numbers and pushing my troops out of their comfort zones…DAILY!!!! I hope that one day our paths will meet again. .”
Executive Lodging
Candice Noll
President, Executive Lodging
Houston, TX
“Since adopting his precepts, my companies’ profitability have increased 311%. Dan is a charismatic and dynamic coach who cuts to the bottom line.”

Michael McCaul
London, England

“A humbling experience which hit home and forced me to think.”

Vince Eysolt
President, Vince P. Eysolt, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

“This program will force you to make a decision… If anyone is worth their salt, they will move forward following these principals or else they can keep their head buried in the sand…”

Diana Guerin
Senior Partner, BAssociates
Newport Beach, CA

“This seminar has opened my eyes to other avenues of problem-solving. It’s been very definitive as to plans of action, etc. This seminar picks up where text books leave off, with practical, applicable experience… It was realistic and believable, and not a ‘pep rally’.”

J. Moore-Smith
London, England

“Dan Peña was brutal – but in the nicest possible way! He enabled me to raise my self-esteem. I took action on my arrival home. Fantastic! More please! Thank you over and over again.”

Louise Dewey
Founder, Women Entrepreneurs of Texas
Houston, TX

“Your Quantum Leap seminar… is invaluable.”

Rebecca Richardson
President, Richardson Advertising
Cincinnati, OH

“I attended Dan’s Dallas and Houston ‘Quantum Leap’ sessions and listened to the most exciting, dynamic presenter I’ve ever heard… He motivated people to positive action better than anyone… Dan’s methodology helped me negotiate a deal that will double my profitability over the next six months…”

Andrew Harris
American Olympic Karate
East Northport, New York

“In one year my business went from $50,000 to $250,000. That’s a 500% increase!”

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