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Dan’s Travel Schedule 2017

Get a chance to meet and talk to Dan as he travels in different cities. Check his Travel Schedule below. He will be available to meet a few of you for a limited time so contact his assistant, Thelma at thelmag@guthriecastle.com.

GET a chance to meet dan the $50 billion man!
Dan is on the road and will be
available for meetings in the following cities…
March 26, 2017 Harvest Caye, Belize
March 27, 2017 Costa Maya, Mexico
March 29, 2017 George Town, Cayman Islands
March 31, 2017 Miami, FL
April 8-11, 2017 LONDON, UK
April 15-22, 2017 QLA CASTLE SEMINAR, UK
April 24-May 3, 2017 Oban & North Scotland
September 1-27, 2017 Iceland
September 28-October 1, 2017 Aiken, SC
December 20-29, 2017 QLA Hardcore, UK
Set an appointment now:thelmag@guthriecastle.com

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